My concerns were once political in their nature. My quest for truth, attempting to find an understanding of the world and peace within the realms of Classical Liberalism ultimately has led me to reject such a path, and instead, search for righteousness.

My collegiate work has been in classical history, which has grounded me in an understanding that each person defines a version of the world by their own metaphysical understanding. Secular Humanism operates within the same realm as Christianity and they despise us for it.

I am a pilgrim for Christ in this world. I have been examining many contemporary documents of this modern world with great concern for the moral souls of those who reside in it. I ask all pilgrims for Christ to aid the call and stand up to the post-modern world that seeks to replace moral behavior for sins of the flesh.

It will not be easy, as Liberalism in the West has become its true religion, we will be called bigots-their word for heretics; nonetheless, we are heretics to their religion.

Be not afraid.

– Philip Augustine

May 2nd, 2016

Dear Charity of Christ,

I have built some great friendships among the Catholic blogging community, and after some consideration have decided to create a forum to share Catholic ideas and faith amongst ourselves. The forum will be a place where both Traditional Catholics and those who profess adherence to Vatican II will participate with the content of the blog. I ask that we all do our best to promote conversation amongst ourselves and support for our Catholic culture.


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  1. Phadde2/Philip, it seems your comment to me is hung up in the moderation cue over at AATW – probably because of the length. Interesting thoughts and I hope you draw a good following here. You might want to become an author of some posts at AATW and then mirror them here as well. I’m sure Chalcedon would appreciate more substantial input from those of us who contribute there. Good to hear from you.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. It would certainly be a honor to write to AATW’s audience. I hope I get a good following as well; however, I think wisdom tells me that all I need is to reach one person. How profound was it for me to sit and speak to that Orthodox Christian, Peter, in that unusual place.

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      1. Indeed. Rarely did I lose a job since becoming Catholic before I would find a job and find those who were anxious to hear about the faith: and a few of them converting. We just don’t know why things happen as they do . . . but we need only believe we are needed most where we have been put.

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  2. Lord Jesus, bless the mother of Phillip Augustine. These diseases that harm another’s life were never a part of your will which is why you came and died and rose again for us and with us so that the world may be restored to your former glory. Give Phillip Augustine’s mother strength as she goes through this difficult battle with cancer as you gave Mother strength to battle it and as you gave my twin, my best friend from high school, Teresa, strength to battle this disease. This I offer you with the prayers of your Mother the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, the Blessed St Michael the Archangel, Blessed St John the Baptist, and all the saints in Heaven. Amen.

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  3. I see we probably have little in common intellectually or spiritually Mr. Augustine, though as humans we have much. I suspect we could have a lot in common regarding Christian apologetics, theology, and earliest church origins and history. Nevertheless, in the spirit of tolerance, understanding, and basic universal kindness, I will hereafter withhold my comments and simply browse, read, scan sometimes, and consider from afar.

    Well wishes for you in your endeavors.

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    1. Thanks for the interest. This blog is my personal blog, which as gotten less attention as of late. However, the blog where I have done most of my posting is here: https://jessicahof.wordpress.com/

      It’s of many different Christian schools of thought; however, for the most part still orthodox Christianity. It’s going fairly strong for 5+ years, you may find it more intriguing.


    2. I do have one question.

      Have you ever read or know about a book called The Grammar of Assent by John Henry Newman? Basically the premise of the book is that most of what we know about anything in the world is nothing more than a leap of faith that even the most skeptical of skeptic displays more faith than they realize. The famous example that Newman gives is folks knowing that England is an Island, which, of course, unless one takes a boat and sails around the England, they assent to the fact that it is indeed an island. I still think even in our day and age of satellite imagery, his point of believing the map maker still holds true to satellite imagery. The other famous example is knowing who our Mother is because we have to believe that she our mother through her testimony, and unless we’re DNA analysts, we’d even have to believe them after the DNA tests.

      Anyway, you probably get the jest of his point. I’m familiar with some of your skeptical commenters on your blog, but from your comments, I take you as someone with intergrity, and would like to know your thoughts.

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      1. Hah! It is interestingly ironic that you bring that up Philip, if I may call you that. In order to open the discussion about knowledge and ignorance, I sometimes/often ask a person… “How do you know your exact birth time, birth date, and birth year?

        Much/most of what we “know” and don’t know (obviously) is relative to our parents, family, community, and personal experience. It certainly doesn’t have near as much to do with (weight) what we collect from others… or for that matter, what we collect from authors, teachers, or ancient scribes. 😉

        As a Marco Polo personality reincarnated (so to speak), I am quite fond of exposure to diversity of all sorts mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is quite foolish to think one is perfectly (righteously?) born in the perfect place, in the perfect time, to teach forms of monistic truths without every experiencing the entire globe. The empirical evidence, from the subatomic to the macro-systemic, simply does not support such a paradigm.

        Thank you kindly Philip for reading some of my blog. I will continue with yours as well… from afar. 🙂


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